Tuesday, 23 June 2015

You will have heard it said that 
climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.

My investigations have uncovered lots of uncertainties, over-hyping of hypotheses, invalid use of statistics, and incorrectly fusing microscopic mathematics (e.g. radiation physics) with larger scale mathematics (e.g. fluid dynamics & thermodynamics).  So my belief is that
climate change is real, within natural variability, and maybe partially man-made.

Even the UN target of not more than 2 degrees increase looks to be within natural variability.

Unlike the media, mainstream climate science (including IPCC) does not warn about runaway warming. Here is a link that talks about why irreversible runaway warming won't happen, and describes the often inapt use of the phrase “tipping point”: http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2006/07/runaway-tipping-points-of-no-return/  by gavin schmidt @ 5 July 2006

So we should stop wasting money on reducing carbon-dioxide emissions in order to spend it on adapting to a warmer world.

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