Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I've worked out what's wrong with the Global Warming "science".  They think the long-term climate is linearly deterministic (due to Sun's output, Earth's tilt, volcanos etc) even though weather is chaotic.  So they've been using 10 year averages for the historic data.  And saying that the Roman-Warm-Period, Mediaeval Warm Period, and Little Ice Age (from 1500) are local warmings in Europe /Northern Hemisphere only - which gets over the fact that no-one even thinks they understand why they happened.  Unfortunately for them, historic documents, Antarctic ice-cores and global earth-cores show they were global.  Which is a pity for the 'century-long deterministic' believers because they don't know why they happened, and it stops their "never has the earth warmed so much, so fast..." type of statement.  The Arctic is not yet warm enough for the Vikings to cross to the other side of Canada which Archaeology tells us they did.   Also, there's reputed to be a map of the Antarctic coastline from 1300s.  I may find time to research that a bit.

And another thing, carbon-dioxide is band-width-saturated, with the warming prophesied being dependent upon feedback loops which they know perfectly well they don't fully understand.

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